Grand Travelling- Intergenerational Trips

In years past, grandparents with means thought about leaving their grand kids money. But now more and more are spending money on their grand kids before they die, creating memories that will last a lifetime. They’re taking their grand kids on international intergenerational trips. They want to spend one on one time in a special way with grand kids who may live far away, getting to know them in a unique way, where each sees the world in a new perspective.

Where should you go? Consider the age of your grand kid and their interests. All-inclusive resorts offer a mixture of activities that can appeal to young and old and allow for some time apart from each other.

Cruises offer the same all-inclusive benefits but with changes in locations. Some travel companies, like Road Scholar, offer unique educational and cultural trips designed for grandparents and grand kids.

Be sure both of you are healthy and prepared for the trip you choose. Visit the Galapagos, going on safari in Africa, trekking Machu Picchu, Southeast Asia? Visit a travel clinic, get proper immunizations, and Rx for malaria or travelers’ diarrhea.

Grandparents should consider getting a notarized letter from the parents giving permission for medical care if abroad. If the parents are divorced, then ideally, they both should sign it. Here’s a sample of what to include.

Make sure both of you have up to date passports. All children traveling overseas need passports.

So, chose the right destination for both of you. Be prepared to learn from one another as you both explore the world. Get the grand kid involved in the trip planning. Cover your bases health wise and legally with all the right documents you need. Make sure you can connect home as frequently as you may need to keep parents and grand kids happy and prepare to have an experience that will create a special life long bond.

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