Did Your Forget Something?

Lots of things can happen on a trip that you don’t plan for. So you’ve gotten your vaccines, packed hand sanitizer, taken out travel health insurance and are bringing a first aid kit.

Did you bring condoms?

Studies that indicate that unexpected sexual contact occurs more frequently than previously thought while traveling for all ages and both sexes. So whether you think you are going to need them or not, why not be prepared and pack condoms.

Sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), including HIV, are widespread worldwide. Obviously, the best way to prevent STI’s is to avoid sexual contact. Otherwise, condoms are a must. Many countries sell them in stores and through vending machines. But be safe. Bring your own.

If you have an unintended exposure, get tested when you get home and practice safe sex until you are sure you haven’t brought anything unexpected home with you.

#STI #condoms #HIVAIDS

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