Going to Cuba?

Like most Americans I have always been fascinated by Cuba. I have been

fortunate to bring 2 groups to Cuba in the past 2 years on a medical

people to people exchange.

My advice?

  1. Make sure your immunizations are up to date including hepatitis A and your flu shot. Get a prescription for treating yourself in case you get traveler’s diarrhea. Bring bug spray (at least 30% DEET) and sunscreen.

  2. Don’t buy drinks with ice…. Yes, I know they are cheap ($1-2 US each) and the rum is amazing… but those frozen drinks are made with ice from water you shouldn’t be drinking and no, the alcohol does not protect you. During my last 2 trips to Cuba at least 20% of our group got traveler’s diarrhea. Safest thing to do is not chance the ice cubes.

  3. Ride in one of the classic taxi’s in Havana. I recommend the convertibles. Loved driving along the Malecon and getting a little wet from the sea spray on a windy day!

  4. Stroll around Old Havana. Watch the people. Browse the shops. Admire the reconstruction of the old architecture. Eat a churro from a street vendor. Enjoy the music that is ever present in Cuba day and night.

  1. Go to a jazz club or dance show. They start at 10 pm and admission often includes 1-2 drinks.

  2. Visit the Hotel Nacional in Havana. Imagine American mobsters and Frank Sinatra siting in the bar. Walk the grounds. Have a drink in the outside bar. Check out all the memorabilia and read the plaque about Americas over the old roulette wheel.

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