Come on in, the water's fine

Many vacations, whether in the winter or summer, take you to the water. Whether you swim, boat, kayak, snorkel, or just plain float, here are a few tips to keep you and your loved ones safe.

  1. Learn to swim and swim well.

  2. Never swim alone. Adults should always be within arms’ length of a child in the water to react quickly in an emergency.

  3. Check out an area you are unfamiliar with before entering the water. Rip tides? Jelly fish? Sharp coral?

  4. Wear the proper gear in the water and on water craft. Life jackets that fit right and arm floaties for kids. Will you need water shoes?

  5. Bring a bag with enough water, hats & sunglasses, and sunscreen and cell phone to call if you need help.

  6. Learn water safety, first aid and CPR. Take certified water safety, first aid and CPR classes which are available at The Red Cross or call your local hospital to see if they offer classes in your community.

  7. Be smart about alcohol. Drinking at the beach or around the pool can be a part of vacations. But it can also be dangerous if adults aren’t careful. While no one is here to tell you how much you can drink, be aware of how you’re feeling before going in the water. Alcohol impairs your judgment and your motor skills.

Have a great time in the water, on the water and be safe everyone.

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