Your appointment with Travel Health of New Hampshire is designed to ensure your safety while abroad. While vaccines are a part of that process, your appointment will actually cover much more! Read more about what to expect in your appointment here.

Routine Vaccines

Tetanus boosters (Td) $49
Tetanus booster with adult whooping cough (Tdap) $58
Influenza $30
Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) $108
Hepatitis B $75
Hepatitis A/B combined $135

Travel / Specialty Vaccines

Hepatitis A $85
Typhoid (oral/injectable) $85 oral/$95 injectable
Meningoccal $185
Yellow fever $199
Adult polio $58
Rabies *
Japanese encephalitis *

*Please call for current prices

Costs are per vaccine. A travel consultation fee of $99 per person or $150 for two people coming in together for the same trip will apply in addition to the vaccine costs. Follow up visits for completing a vaccine schedule are $35 per person plus the vaccine. Please wear shirts with sleeves that can roll up easily. We will give you a personal immunization card and provide an immunization report for your primary care provider.

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Beyond Vaccinations

Beyond Vaccinations

“I didn’t know how much I didn’t know” is a common phrase we hear during our appointments. A little knowledge can go a long way
in keeping you safe and happy on your travels.