What to Expect at Your Appointment

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Appointments are forty-five minutes to one hour.
Here is what you can expect from a typical visit:

A Health Interview:

We will conduct a health interview to understand your current physical condition, illnesses or challenges you may have while abroad.

Activity Review:

We will discuss your plans for your trip including your activities and accommodations so we can plan for your safety.

Vaccine Consultation:

We will review your current immunization status and make recommendations for you for this trip.

Vaccine Administration:

We can administer all your vaccines here. If you are not current with routine immunizations, if time allows, it may be less expensive for you to get updated at your PCP’s office. We’ll help you coordinate your vaccine schedule with cost in mind.

Individualized Travel Plan:

This customized plan includes everything we discuss and provides detailed information for things you can do prevent and take care of issues from insect borne diseases, food and water issues, personal safety, environmental safety, medical treatment abroad including travel health insurance with emergency evacuation, embassy locations, registering with the State Department and, of course, packing tips.

Prescriptions & More:

We can provide prescriptions for preventing malaria and for self- treatment of common travel related conditions. We also offer insect repellents for skin and clothing, water treatment products, and medical and dental first aid kits.

Group Rates / Follow Ups

Visits are made for individuals, couples and families and group visits can be arranged off site. Follow up visits that do not require immunizations, such as prescription refills, can be done via the telephone for established clientele.

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Payment Options

Payment for services and immunizations is required at the time of service. Accepted forms of payment include:
cash, checks, credit / debit cards and HSA’s.

We gladly accept the credit / debit cards shown above.