About Me

Hello, I am Dr. Nancy Dirubbo, FNP and I am passionate believer
that travel is the best education for people of all ages!

I Believe …

Every person is extraordinary. Experience is more important than things. Learning never ends. Travel is an essential part of  education. Going to new places is a good thing for the young,  the old and for everyone else in between. Each of us is responsible for our health and safety at home and abroad.

General Ramblings …


When I was twelve I made a list of places I wanted to see when I grew up. Number one was I wanted to go on safari in Africa. I have slept in a five star hotel in Venice, a hammock in the mountains in the Dominican Republic, a bunk in a youth hostel in Cork, a couch in Lithuania, a train in Russia, a tent in the Serengeti, a boat going through the Panama Canal, an apartment in Rome, and a bed and breakfast in Paris. There are many more places I need to see before I am through.


A few years ago, people who knew I traveled a lot, started asking me for health tips about their trips. I realized that so much time and energy is spent in planning a trip with little thought of preventing health risks. Many health problems that occur with travel can be prevented by actions taken before you go. After over 30 years of being a primary care provider, I got my doctorate and became Certified in Travel Health  and in 2008 decided to start Travel Health of NH. A one hour pre-travel health consultations will keep you well when you travel and prepare you for the unexpected. Privacy policy and disclosures.


While people travel for many different reasons – business, to volunteer, for pleasure, to visit friends and family, being prepared is critical for a safe and healthy experience. When traveling to low resource countries I think we have a responsibility to leave the smallest health care foot print behind and not utilize resources that others so desperately need. Having done medical volunteer work and visited hospitals in Russia, Lithuania, Kenya, and the Dominican Republic, I have seen firsthand how people cope with such limited resources.

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